Our audiologists help you choose the hearing device that is appropriate for you. Our top manufacturers include Phonak, Oticon, and Resound. We feel that detailed orientation with the devices, counseling, and excellent follow-up care is important for a successful fitting. Our services include unlimited follow up office visits for the life of the hearing aids. Follow up office visits includes:

  • Programming adjustments
  • Annual hearing screenings and reprogramming devices if your hearing changes
  • Professional cleaning of hearing devices
  • Counseling/Instruction

Other services available include:

Hearing aids not purchased in our office can also be professionally cleaned, and adjustments can be made on most hearing aid devices. You may choose from two packages for these services:

  • One time programming and cleaning (includes hearing screening) - includes a two month guarantee on programming adjustments.
  • Unlimited visits for screenings, cleaning, and programming for the life of your hearing devices

Other services include custom earmolds for various recreational needs. The clinic offers custom made hearing protection for hunters, people who work in a noisy environment, and many more. In addition, custom-made in-the-ear monitors are available to musicians, and custom fit earpieces for hands-free cellular phone operation are available. And, the popular custom-made swim molds are a must-have for both children and adults who enjoy swimming and going to the beach.

Payment Options/Insurance/Financing

We accept most insurance plans for hearing evaluations. Hearing Aids are usually not covered under insurance. 12 – months interest-free financing is available through Care Credit. An application can be submitted online, mobile phone and in the office if you decide to finance the cost of the hearing aids. Payments will then be paid directly to Care Credit. We also gladly accept: Cash, Checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express.